Sunday, 15 July 2012

New workstations at DR TOOT

Today, it was a yucky day outside in Auckland….raining all day.  For me, it does not matter, rain or sunny…I still cannot go out anyway.  Well, I was watching daddy was organizing his new workstations in his workshop.  Yes, dr toot was a happy man as he purchased three new workstations for his workshop yesterday. 

Seven months later since we have moved to a new place, daddy’s workshop finally starts to look very professional and really “workshop”.  I was in my favourite spot in his workshop – the top of the roll of carton board JJJ  I know that I am not allowed to be at his workshop, but sometime I am successful to sneak in…and I don’t disturb him, just laying down and watching quietly….J

As Zara mentioned last week, now DR TOOT has a new website.  Yes, I am listed as mummy’s PA….YES, it is a very important position J.  I always make sure that mummy’s happy and her work goes smoothly.  I think that Zara has listed as daddy’s PA…ummm, no comments J

Some flutes arrived at DR TOOT for repairs and services, and they keep daddy busy.  One of our pre-loved trumpets has found a new home in Auckland.  A young girl visited DR TOOT with his daddy, and she picked up a Yamaha silver trumpet.  I personally greeted her and her daddy …YES, I am a good girl and mummy’s PA ;-).