Sunday, 8 July 2012

Oh what a week!!!!

Good evening boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen…and Alfa. Wow what a week. In all the weeks that I have share with daddy and mummy…this has been one to remember.

On Monday, our long awaited reed order from Argentina, the Gonzalez Reeds have arrived. Beautifully presented and here at last. Over 200 reed box’s have arrived and many as we speak have left the room. Mummy and daddy are so happy. It’s not easy to market a new brand in NZ, but like many things they sell….quality will always sell and have a place in the market J

This week, was also a very special week for us all here. Our new website (, went live with a new format and online shopping. Mummy has been working on this for the past two months and is so cool to see her hard work on line for others to see. If you look on The Team of DR.TOOT, you will see and read very many interesting things. For starters…there is a picture of daddy…mummy. .me and, um er ah Alfa. If you read you will see that I, Zara, Queen Zara is listed as Daddy’s PA. Yes I am. Now you all know who really calls the shots!!! It’s me. Alfa too I believe has some minor position.

This week many instruments have found new homes. A Yamaha clarinet on Monday, a Pearl flute later…then a Yamaha C Trumpet and online a Yamaha YAS34 Alto sax. All of this should help keep Alfa from going hungry. As well as all of these, many accessories have too been sold to very happy customers.

As usual I say too much and its time to say good night. Please look at our website and please like DR TOOT on Facebook. You are all so special and important. Almost as special as me. Be good and as a reminder….it’s only one month to the day till daddy’s birthday. In my eyes, he is looking younger everyday J  

PS: Mummy would like to say special thanks to Steve & his team at FlexiHost.  Without their support, our website would not be as complete as it is.