Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sales, Concert, and Me !

My life is never boring and life and DRTOOT is not boring either. As… um…..Alfa mentioned last week, daddy has been working hard setting up his new workshop. There are so many bits and pieces to find places in shelves. I of course must watch and make sure everything looks and feels good. It’s not easy, but I am daddy’s PA and I take my position very seriously. There is a lot for one girl to handle.

Earlier this week we sold a Yamaha AS 100 Alto sax. As you may know, our new website was launched and has an on-line shopping feature on it to help customers find the right thing for them. The gentleman in Dunedin saw the sax and said “ I must have this” and bought it online.  During the week some accessories also sold online and on Friday, an Altus flute we had in stock sold and will have a new home in Nelson. It makes me so happy to know that so many people are happy to have such wonderful instruments from DR TOOT JJJ

Yesterday Daddy’s students performed at the Uxbridge Creative Centre here in Howick. I wish I could have seen it. Mummy told me that there were over 100 people there listening to them. There were 18 pieces in total played, by the students who have their performance exams coming up in September. They all played so well and Daddy was so very proud of everyone. I know how hard each student works at their playing as I greet them and listen to them every week One day I am sure I too will go to a concert and listen to them….but maybe not J

Well it’s time to go. It’s been raining all day and a great day to curl up on the bed and rest. I have to be on form, which means that I have to take care of myself and save my energy. Talk to you in 2 weeks time. It’s …un Alfa’s turn next week….Good Luck!