Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pretty Silver Tenor Sax...Just like me !

I’ve got now my collar with my name tag and bell.  They seem to be very girly pink and red J Mummy tried to put the collar on my neck and she succeeded…for a while.  Meeeoooowwww, I succeeded to take it off….fufufufufufu J  I know that Zara has got one, but I just hate a bell !!!  I cannot stand it.  I must say…I still cannot go outside, so what the point to have a collar with name tag and bell, mummy !

This week, four saxophones arrived at DR TOOT from Japan.  A very rare vintage pro model Yamaha Tenor Sax YTS61S (silver plated) – Yes, silver colour just like me J, Yanagisawa Alto Sax A990, Keilwerth Alto Sax EX90 Series lll and Yamaha Alto Sax YAS32 (our best seller).  Daddy was so excited to see them.  Mummy has listed them on our website and will list them on TradeMe. 

Another Yamaha tenor sax pro model YTS62 (lacquered...mmmm, wasn't like me  has found a new home in Gisborne.  The customer has purchased a couple of saxophones from DR TOOT so far...very good and happy customer ;-)

Daddy, DR TOOT, had a surprise…last week, when a customer brought in a flute that she had repaired by daddy years ago.  The lady purchased the flute at a daddy’s first shop in Auckland.  Then,she followed daddy to the second shop…after many years later, she found daddy in Howick.

Daddy has serviced a Selmer Super 80 Series ll tenor saxophone a couple weeks ago, and the customer was happy with the saxophone.  The gentleman presented his CD of him playing his selmer tenor to daddy.  It was a very nice gift…thanks, Charlie !

Wellington Jazz Orchestra (WJO) left Wellington Saturday afternoon to LA for a tour and recording session at Capital Records.  We wish them all the very best and safe journey…meow meow meow !