Sunday, 29 July 2012

What a performance with DR TOOT !

When I wrote a blog two weeks ago, it was a yucky day in Auckland…again, today it was raining and windy here. My big sister, Zara and I curled up on daddy and mummy’s bed together all day.

As Zara mentioned last week, our students performed at Uxbridge Centre in Howick. Now you can see some of the performances on YouTube ! Please visit YouTube and type “classic at one dr toot” – you can see also daddy’s playing tuba with students J Mummy showed me the recording to me and Zara…it was very gooood. Well done, everyone and daddy !!!

This week, one of our trumpets was sold on TradeMe. Well, that was actually the last trumpet in stock. Mummy and daddy are now looking to purchase some more trumpets in Japan. Watch this space, more trumpets are coming to DR TOOT.

I wrote about a sexy silver tenor sax by Yamaha before. It is very rare vintage tenor sax…there is another one that arrived at DR TOOT early this week from Dunedin for daddy to do an overhaul. Daddy was excited to see another beautiful sax (tell you what, when it arrived, it wasn’t pretty…). He has cleaned and polished it, and it has turned very shiny like one we have in stock. According to Zara (daddy’s PA), daddy knows what he is doing J

Gonzalez, Gonzalez Reeds…mummy and daddy have ordered some more reeds for bass clarinets, Eb clarinets and baritone saxophones. They will arrive soon from Argentina.

Did you see the opening ceremony of the Olympics ? It was Saturday morning here, and Zara and I watched a little bit (mummy has recorded it, so we can watch later J). What a big effort by humans….amazing to see lots of people too….Go Go New Zealand !!! ;-)