Sunday, 5 August 2012

Too much on the go!

I am getting tired of saying the same thing every time I chat,…but life here is really crazy at the moment. As daddy’s PA, it’s my job to make sure things run smoothly around here. Repairs coming in and out. And daddy working too hard. Sales too this week have been busy. Earlier this week the Yamaha YTS61S Tenor Sax has sold to a gentleman who has just had daddy repad and overhauled his Yamaha YAS61 Alto Sax. Some vintage flutes were repadded as well as maintance work on trumpets, cornets etc.

Daddy has been walking a little bit funny this week. A disc in the lower part of his back has slipped a bit and he was really sore. Daddy went to an accupuntionest who put many needles in his back and he looked like a Hedge Hog He is feeling much better now. I think daddy is getting a bit old…J  It’s his birthday on Wednesday and Alfa and I are planning something special for him. Maybe we will both massage him….:JJJ

Earlier this week some repair tools and supplies arrive in from America. This makes work easier and more professional. Later this week we are expecting even more tools and a shipment from Japan. In that shipment we are expecting a Bach Trumpet, two Yamaha Clarinets (one wooden), and a Yamaha Custom Alto Sax.  This will be mummy and daddy’s Whahoo moment!!

Also, a Yamaha professional clarinet was sold to a very good customer, who has purchased a few instruments from DR TOOT, in Gisborne.  Speaking about Gisobrne…Later this month mummy and daddy are off to Gisborne for a couple of days (Alfa doesn’t know yet…). DR TOOT, will be running maintenance workshops and playing with The Gisborne Youth Band…even if daddy isn’t a youth.  More details later…Ta ta J