Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Canadian in Howick !???

My big sister, Queen Zara, insisted to write a blog this week...she really wanted to do, because it's simple - our daddy had a birthday.  She thought that she must write something for him.  Well, it's too's my turn J  We fight, but I won in the end, hehehehehe....J

Yes, our daddy, DR TOOT had his 56th birthday on Wednesday.  He was a very happy man on that day.  In the morning, he received a big parcel from Japan - new shipment has arrived (Two Yamaha clarinets, a Yamaha Custom alto saxophone and a Bach trumpet).  Later, another parcel arrived from USA.  It was tools for daddy's work.  Then, a couple of friends came to see him.  Lots of emails, phone calls and cards - I must say a card from us (mummy, Zara and I) was goooooooood JJJ 

The same day, a girl with her mum came to see DR TOOT.  She dropped off her flute for service, and she tried one of our pre-loved flutes.  They came back the next day to pick up her flute and her new Yamaha flute.  She liked the flute and really liked me :-) and she wanted to take me home too !  

Everyday, lots of customers and delivery men come here.  I've tried to escape somehow....this week, I succeed a few times J  However, I didn't like much outside because the ground was wet wet wet and it was yucky on my paws.  Mummy and daddy had to wash my paws - that was very goooooood ;-)  

You will never know what will happen to a day - Friday, lunch time, a nicely dressed couple visited DR TOOT from Turangi (I asked Zara where it is...she googled it J).  The gentleman tried our pre-loved Yamaha tenor sax YTS34II with G1 neck, and loved it.  The saxophone has found a new home in Turangi (near Taupo...Zara told me J).   

Daddy played a tuba with AWO (Auckland Wind Orchestra) today.  One of the pieces daddy was playing is "An American in Paris", I think it should be "A Canadian in Howick"...meow meow meow !!!