Sunday, 26 August 2012

A weekend with Uncle Bruce

As my big sister, Zara mentioned last week, I had an operation last Tuesday.  That was "experience"......I think.  Mummy and daddy thought that I would be more quiet and settle down..........Noooooo,  I am now more energetic and running around everywhere J  Mummy is concerned that I am more like boy cat, hehehehehehe J

Monday, daddy was so excited to see two vintage Buescher alto saxophones arrived from Christchurch.  They will have a major operation by daddy, DR TOOT.  He phoned up the customer and he was told that Alfa is a gorgoues cat and should be looked after well J  Yes, the customer is a fan of our blog...Very good customer, big thank you !!!

The next day, daddy had a surprise !  One of our students made a birthday cake and brought it for him....As you know, daddy's birthday was two weeks ago, but it was very nice surprise and he was so wrapped - thanks, Monica 

Wednesday, a Yamaha flute 221 was sold even before listing our website.  Then, a new shipment has arrived in from Japan and daddy couldn't wait for it to be delivered...again, so went to airport to pick it up.  During his trip to airport, mummy had a phone call – someone wanted to buy a student model trumpet !  What a good timing !!!  Mummy got his phone number, and daddy phoned him back, daddy serviced it and went out the next day J A lucky boy in Auckland has got the Yamaha trumpet YTR1320 – Thank you, Orland.  We hope you will enjoy playing the trumpet JJJ

Well, my highlight in this week is………Mummy and daddy were away from home (they went to Gisborne for a business trip !) and spent two nights and three days (yes, I can count J) with Zara and Uncle Bruce.  It was the first time for me to be away from mummy…and daddy, and was soooooo hard.  Especially night time, I normally go to mummy’s lap to relax before go to bed.  Also, Zara goes to daddy’s lap every night, so she was unhappy.  However, Uncle Bruce was nice to us, so everything was fine at DR TOOT without DR TOOT J

It was sooooo good to see mummy and daddy arrived safely – it was about 6 hours drive !  They seems to have had a great time in Gisborne.  They said that everyone was welcoming and very nice, the weather was wonderful and DR TOOT’s Workshop was successful.  Thank you, Gisborne Youth Concert Band J.  Zara wants to talk more next week about the Gisborne trip.  She always has to have the last purrrr.

Since they have arrived, daddy has been busy tidying up his workshop (came back with some instruments to service) and mummy has been arranging products to send off to customers (sold few things on TradeMe and website)  DR TOOT is busy – that’s good things…..meow meow meow…..I missed mummy JJJ