Sunday, 2 September 2012

Happy Father’s Day….again !

Yes, it’s Father’s Day here at DR TOOTs. Alfa and I got daddy this really cool card, (with the help of mummy), and we signed our paws marks on it. As a present, we gave daddy a voucher to have drinks and food at one of his favourite pubs in Ponsonby Auckland. He loves his dark ale and nibbles. Daddy says that the dark ale and nibbles are very low in fat and good for you, but somehow I think he is wrong.

Since mummy and daddy have been back from Gisborne, it’s been very busy. Mummy and daddy would like to give a shout to Bella Vista in Gisborne. The owners there were really kind and helpful storing all the instruments and gave wonderful service. Thankyou!! They brought back many instruments for fixing as well as the other instruments they already had here. We had a good time with Uncle Bruce. The two of us have known each other for a long time. Uncle Bruce was new to Alfa and it took her awhile to settle. The truth is, is that Uncle Bruce was here to look after Alfa, and I was here to look after them both. It is not always so easy to be put in such a responsible position…..anyways, back to the repairs and not me. Many flutes have come in for servicing, as well as clarinets, saxophones etc. Sometimes I see daddy working on three instruments at the same time. Be a bit funny I think if he mixed them up and invented a new instrument…like a fluteaphone or trumpiairinet. Too crazy!!!

Many arrivals from overseas this week. More clarinet and saxophone pads arrived from Italy and instruments from Japan. This shipment included a Buffet RC Clarinet and Buffet E13 Clarinet in new condition, a student model Yamaha flute and another Yamaha Euphonium. More goodies goodies arriving next week including a Bass Flute. Today a customer from Wellington brought in his alto sax in for servicing. He saw me and recognised me as daddy’s PA. I like him. Thanks, Bryn JJJ

The instrument sale of the week went to a Japanese girl in Wellington. She got a Yamaha YCL 452 wooden clarinet. I know that she will love it and will have many wonderful tooting moments with it. Many many Gonzalez reeds too have gone out the door so more orders from Argentina will have to be made. Anyway my fellow readers and admirers, it’s time for me to say goodnight and have a great week!!