Sunday, 9 September 2012

Spring at Toots

My big sister Zara seems to sleep a lot everyday…in funny position !  If you look at the photos before, she sometimes sleeps her legs wide open, not lady like nor Queen like…I am a princess, so I don’t sleep like that J

Mummy and daddy have been very busy and they don’t have much time to play with us….ummmm, I am not happy.  Spring is here in New Zealand, but I still cannot go outside and I am looking at outside all the time….ummmm, I am not happy L  I wonder if I can ever go outside !???

Since DR TOOT has a new website, mummy and daddy have been selling something on website.  This week, a Yamaha trumpet YTR332 has found a new home in  Wellington.  Some instruments have been serviced by daddy and left for their home everywhere in New Zealand.  They have gone back to Auckland, Taupo, Gisborne, Invercargill…etc.  I wonder if I can ever travel around….

As everyone knows, my daddy is a doctor for instruments.  We sometimes have emergency instruments come in after hours.  This week, we had a customer with a trombone.  Daddy cannot say “NO”, so he fixes the problem immediately.  So that, the customer is happy and the trombone has its life back ….Jolly gooooood J

Saturday night, mummy and daddy had an important customer/friend from Wellington.  He drove all the way from there to DR TOOT with lots of instruments….Selmer Mark Vl soprano sax, Pearl alto flute and bass flute, Yamaha 774 flute, Selmer 10G clarinet, Akai Ewi 4000S…etc.  I know what I am talking about….they are good stuff J  They are looking for a new home and will be listed on DR TOOT’s website soon !!!

Well, I am getting like my sister…talk too much J  Better to stop here…another week will start at DR TOOT - three alto saxophones will be arriving from Japan…oh dear, mummy and daddy won’t have time with me………patience, patience JJJ

PS:  Ah, forgot to mention…”Spring Sale” is on now at J