Sunday, 16 September 2012

Twas the night before exams…..

Yes you got it.  Some of DR TOOT’S, (Daddy’s) students are having their exams tomorrow morning, starting at nine. One flute and the rest are saxophones. All doing Trinity College exams from grade 2 – 4. I know that daddy, mummy, Alfa and me are all so proud and wish them all the very best. It is sad that one of daddy’s students, Jasper is not well and will not be doing it tomorrow. We wish him well and hope he gets better real soon.

Another busy and crazy week at the house of TOOT.  Three alto saxophones arrived this week from Japan. A Yamaha YAS 275, Yamaha YAS32, (our best seller), and a Jupiter semi pro model. Just as soon as daddy finished servicing them, ready to sell, when a school in Invercargill, snapped up the two Yamaha’s. Wow that was fast. Mummy took a photo of all three. The school saw the beautiful pictures and bought them straight away. There is never a dull moment here at DR TOOT.

We also had a “Mystery Buyer” this week. Many emails went back and forth between here and the USA. Daddy says that the USA is a country south of CANADA, where daddy comes from.. This mystery buyer bought a Dave Guardala soprano sax mouthpiece as well as a couple of Winslow ligatures we had in stock. The world is getting smaller when it comes to sales. Speaking of sales…it seems like every day, our mummy is packing and shipping off Gonzalez reeds to every corner of NZ. These reeds are made in Argentina and are made for all types of clarinets and saxophones. I don’t know anything about reeds, but they do come in pretty boxes. Almost as pretty as me J

Another parcel arrived this week on Saturday. Daddy is rebuilding a Buescher alto and tenor sax. These saxophones require special pads and these arrived here. To me they look like cookies with holes in the middle. I told Alfa that they were not food, and that she couldn’t eat them. Poor Alfa, she seems to eat everything. A parcel too arrived from Italy containing oboe pads. Mummy always gets so excited when anything arrives from Italy….It’s a mummy thing J

I better go back to daddy. He never ever gets sick, but today he is complaining of a sore throat and feeling yucky. Lots of liquids and rest for him today because he has to be better for tomorrow. I will warm him up with cuddles…..purrr purrr…