Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Hills are alive, with the sounds of Tuba

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I am so sorry this blog is published later then usual, but as you know, daddy always helps me and he has just arrived home from his concert about 10 minutes ago. My typing skills are not great and I need daddy….so here goes.

I know that I am sounding like a stuck record, but it has again been a busy week. Daddy is working hard on a few rebuild saxophones and he has just finished a Buescher vintage alto sax and is now working on a Buescher vintage tenor sax. This should be done soon and then it onto a couple of saxophones and flutes that have just arrived.

Speaking of arrivals….another shipment of Gonzalez Reeds arrived the other day from Argentina. The box’s look so pretty, but it’s the reeds inside everybody wants. More Jazz sax reeds arrived as well as many clarinet reeds too. Poor mummy. She is always so busy sorting and sending out reeds. I spend too much time sleeping on my mat to really appreciate all that she does.

Daddy is getting better as he has been not well for a few weeks now. Daddy is very giving as he has shared his flue with mummy, but mummy is not to happy about this. Mummy keeps keeping on while daddy has his power naps…..hmmmmm, I don’t think this is fair.

The reason daddy was late was because he was performing with the AWO in a Chamber Winds Concert. He was playing tuba with the brass ensemble and had a great time. He said it was a great turn up and everybody played well. One day I may listen to everybody, instead of just daddy ompaing in the house on his own.

School Holidays have started, so please don’t be late in bringing your instruments in for service. This gives you a chance to have your instrument serviced by DR.TOOT and a chance to visit me. You are so lucky.

Hope to see you all very soon. Nighty night from daddy’s number one PA….ZaraJ