Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sleepy Alfa

The school holiday has started here in New Zealand.  So, no lessons at DR TOOT…no music…quiet J ah, but adults students are still coming for their lessons, so there are some noise J

Less lessons for daddy, but more instruments are arriving for repairs and services.  So, they keep daddy busy…very good !

Monday, a gentleman with a nice suites in a very flash car came to see DR TOOT.  He wanted to start playing a tenor saxophone.  He saw one of our pre-loved Yamaha tenor saxes on our website, and he came to see it.  He was happy with the YTS24 and walked out with her. 

One day, a lady from Te Puke phoned up DR TOOT and talked to daddy about one of our pre-loved Yamaha flutes.  After daddy hung up the phone, the lady purchased the 385llH on our website.  The flute was sent to the lady next day…bene bene J

More pads has arrived from Italy and also pre-loved instruments from Japan - this time, three Yamaha student model clarinets and a Jupiter student model flute have joined TOOT’s family.  We wish they will find a new home soon !

Daddy was asked to give a talk to very gifted children at Willow Park Centre on Saturday.  He brought his tuba, our pre-loved flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet, and gave serious talk with funny story.  Daddy was so impressed with the children who are very knowledgeable.

Today I am very sleepy because I have had a lot of time outside. All that fresh air, and chasing butterflies and bees. I was not truly free because mummy and daddy had me on a leash. Don’t they trust me?? Anyways…too much excitement for one day. Next time, maybe.….without a leash !!???? JJJ