Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bring on Term 4 !

Hello my fellow fans. It’s Zara here and at your service of course. It’s been a funny old week with repairs being finished in time for term four and daddy getting ready for the new week ahead. Teaching will start on Monday and daddy has the results to share with his students regarding their recent Trinity College Exams. All passed, of course and one even got a high Merit. Well done everybody!!!!!

We in Auckland have been having all four seasons in a day. I wake up to sunshine…which turns to rain and finishes with wild wind. It’s spring here in New Zealand and this is what we expect. For me it’s hard because I don’t like the wind, but I do like to stretch my legs and the wind hurts my ears. Almost as bad as hearing Alfa meowing. Alfa has been sneaking outside and chasing flies. I have to watch over her as she is innocent of the great outdoors. She is such a simple cat…very simple.

The other day we had a phone call from someone looking for a flute for her daughter. It’s a very special flute with many special things on it. The daughter has just done Grade 7 on flute and got distinction. Wow…she must be good. They called DR TOOT, because they know that we are experts in getting the right instrument at the right price. They have a cat called Sparky. Sparky is an 8 year old ginger cat and a fan of me…or will soon be. I would love to give a shout out to Sparky…You Rock!!

Mummy and daddy have been shopping in Japan again and many cool instruments are coming soon. There is a Vito Bass Clarinet, Yamaha Xeno Custom Trumpet, Yamaha Oboe, to mention just a few. I love it here. It’s always exciting and everyday is wonderful. Daddy is playing with the NZ Pops Orchestra on Sunday next week and I am sure Alfa will have something to say about that. Please visit our DR TOOT Facebook and like us….when you like us….you like me….I’m worth it!