Sunday, 22 February 2015

Long Summer

It’s been still hot in Auckland. We seem to have a long summer this year. I enjoy outside very much, and I caught two cicadas this week J Yeahhh, even with a leash…I can catch them !

This week, daddy has started teaching again. We saw our students back after a couple of months break. Some people have said that I have gained a little weight or that I have grown up and I am now bigger than Zara J Well, I have to watch out my weight a little bit…I am Princess Alfa J

Lots of instruments have arrived for repairs from everywhere in New Zealand. Selmer Paris clarinet from Hastings, Old Bach Stradivarius trumpet from Christchurch, a few instruments from school in Auckland…etc. It sounds like an endless story…busy, busy, busy…never complain and it’s good J

On Friday, a customer, whom we saw a few weeks ago, came back to us and purchased a pre-loved Yamaha trombone.  The trombone has found a new home in Howick – very closed to us !  He plays with the St Andrew’s Big Band which rehearses just around the corner from us. I will try and listen tonight for them J

Today, I have spent most of the day outside under the shade of the roses. We have many roses here are they look and smell so nice. Zara said that we need many roses here to counter the smell from my poo poo box. That’s not fair!!! I am not the only one that uses it and besides….it’s not that bad.

Zara stayed indoors all day sleeping on the couch today. Maybe she is getting too old J All I know is that I look so beautiful with the roses. Every now and then I hear a man saying, “Hello, there…Hello Beautiful !” I feel happy, until I realize that it is our neighbor talking to his rabbit who lives in a cage. Oh well….I don’t need to be told I am beautiful, because I know I am….I am Princess Alfa JJJ