Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Great Escape

Well it’s the first of March. Time flies so fast.  Remember that 1 human year equals 7 cat years…I think I am getting younger. I still look slim and beautiful and have heaps of energy. Alfa and I have fish every morning and we have either rabbit, veal, chicken or beef at night. Many cats around here think that I am younger than Alfa. Well that’s what they say….

This week, It has been busy in the workshop with Daddy and Shoko working hard on saxophones, flutes, clarinets etc., and Mummy working hard with orders, sales, invoicing and keeping Daddy in line. Before Mummy came around, it was my job to make sure Daddy stayed on track. Now it’s Mummy’s turn. This month, Daddy is involved with 3 different groups with 4 concerts coming up. As well as the concerts, Daddy is also playing Tuba for Uncle Neil’s wedding to Fi. So much to do in just a month. Mummy really has a big job this month. Sometimes, Daddy gets really grumpy and doesn’t have time to scratch my chin or rub my back. I will make sure he makes time to look after me and my needs.

This week I can only talk about one musical instrument sale and it happened on Friday. A customer sent us an old clarinet that wasn’t worth repairing and finished off with a beautiful Vito clarinet we had in stock. I call that a win win J This week we had 2 Yamaha tenor saxophones arrive for a school here in Auckland. They have to be serviced first before we can say that they are sold….that will be Alfa’s news. More tools and accessories will also arrive this coming week, but that too will be Alfa’s news.

Speaking of Alfa…..She did it!!!!! While Daddy was vacuuming the bedroom upstairs, Alfa made an escape. In Mummy’s and Daddy’s room, the windows were wide open and Alfa hopped onto the roof and stayed there undetected for about 30 minutes. It was a great view and she was so happy. Mummy wasn’t and Alfa came back through the bathroom window. Way to go Alfa!!!!!