Sunday, 29 March 2015

BIG Yearly Check Up !

Today is the start of the last week of the school 1 term. This will be a short week as Good Friday is this Friday, so only 4 days of work at DR TOOT. It’s been a busy week at DR TOOT. Shoko and Daddy have been very busy working on repairs and cleaning the shop. It is always very important to make sure that all the tools are clean and polished. Poor maintenance on tools will result to poor quality of workmanship…and poor workmanship never happens at DR TOOT.

This week we had 2 instruments arrive in from Japan. One is a Yamaha tenor sax and the other was a Yamaha tenor trombone. The tenor sax was ordered for a school here in Auckland. Both will be worked on tomorrow and the tenor sax will be whizzed off to its new home at an Auckland school, while the trombone will wait for a new home somewhere in NZ. Remember, if you are interested in an instrument, let us know your budget and we will do our best to match the instrument to your budget. This week a Yamaha 4 valve Euphonium found a home to the same school the Yamaha tenor sax is going to.

This Tuesday marks the end of our financial year and Wednesday marks the beginning of the new one. One of the new changes will be the terms we use for our repair services. Instead of Plan A or B Services, we will be using a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Service Plan which will give our customers a greater choice of services and prices. We think this is very exciting. Alfa and I proof read the services and we are both happyJ This financial year also heralds the end of a Music Shop here in Howick. Tom Kroon’s Musicworks will be closing its doors after 38 years of trading. Daddy worked for them for awhile. We all at DR TOOT, wish them all the best in the future !

On Saturday morning, Alfa and I went in for our yearly healthy checkup. The gentleman at the Howick Vet said we were both in very good health. He did say though that Alfa had gained a lot of weight. Too much weight and that we should keep an eye on her. There is and awful lot of weight to keep an eye on. Alfa….please keep your eye on your food and not on mine!!! I have said many times before….Alfa LOVES FOOD J