Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Jazzy Easter!

Hope that everyone has been enjoying the Easter break ! Mummy and daddy left for Tauranga on Thursday afternoon. I was told by mummy about that on Wednesday, so I knew that Uncle Bruce were coming to look after us again…well, Zara and I like the routines and don’t like changes. So, when we saw Uncle Bruce’s face, my feeling was mixed up. Thanks anyway, Uncle Bruce J Sorry, Zara was a bit naughty…well, we were very happy to see mummy and daddy were back safely this afternoon !!!

They seemed that they had a very good time in Tauranga. Visited Bay City Musicworks (if you live near the store, you can drop off your instruments for the services/repairs there !), met Selmer Paris Artist, Michael Jamieson, enjoyed the Tauranga Jazz Festival, and saw familiar faces…etc.  

Before Easter, two instruments have arrived from Japan – Yamaha alto saxophone YAS34ll and Yamaha wooden clarinet 450 which looks just like new. This week, one of pre-loved instruments has found a new home in Auckland through Trade Me. The buyer came to DR TOOT to pick it up Thursday night, and she told us that it is a present for her friend ! Ummm, someone is very lucky J

I must mention this on behalf of DR TOOT as a PA of mummy, our services/repairs terminologies and prices have been changed from 1st of April. Very competitive prices and our website has been updated, so please check it up: DR TOOT's Services/Repairs Price List J

This weekend, the daylight saving has finished here in New Zealand.  The days will seem shorter. It’s almost 6pm and it’s looking darker than yesterday. It doesn’t matter because mummy and daddy are home J