Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tooting Love to everyone !

This week started with Cyclone Pam ! We had lots of rain and wind, and honestly I was a bit scared J My big sis, Zara was complaining as she could not go outside. Here Auckland, it wasn’t too bad.

After the Cyclone, we had beautiful weathers but it is getting cooler for sure. At DR TOOT, we had another busy week and very good days for sales J Of course, it’s my turn of blog, so it makes sense !

Wednesday, a gentleman visited us in the afternoon to see our pre-loved Yamaha bass clarinet, which was just arrived in on Tuesday. Daddy has serviced it, and it was waiting for the customer, who knew and met daddy a long time ago. The bass clarinet was for his wife as a wedding anniversary gift ! He saw our website “what’s coming soon” and contacted us earlier. He was very pleased to see the condition – it was just like new. The bass clarinet has found a new home so quickly !

Thursday, mummy had a phone call from a lady in Auckland. She wanted to visit us with her daughter for clarinet trials. They came just before 5.00pm, and the daughter tried our pre-loved Yamaha Custom clarinet. She loved the sound and has left with the clarinet and with a smile….she even picked up me on the way out and gave me a hug…a very good customer J

The same day, another family visited us after hours. The daughter wanted to try our pre-loved Yamaha flute, which came in a day before. Daddy had serviced it and mummy contacted them as they enquired us before. She was very happy with the flute and has left with the flute.

Then, next day, mummy and daddy received an email from one of our regular customers, who has purchased a few saxophones from us in the past. He wanted to purchase the Selmer Paris Limited Edition ! Wowwwww, she has found a new home too J

Last night, daddy played a tuba with Manukau Symphony Orchestra. Mummy, her friend and Shoko went to the concert. She told us that it was a full house and very good concert. Daddy played very well – daddy, we are very proud of you…tooting love JJJ