Sunday, 8 March 2015

Girls’ Nights

Yes, it was a great escape for me last week J I walked around on the roof and felt sooooo good, but I felt a little bit guilty in my tiny mind. So, in the end, I entered the house myself through the bathroom window upstairs. Mummy was waiting for me…..hehehehe.

It still seems to be summer here…no rain and warm ! When I get up around 6.00am everyday, it is still dark outside. I walk around the garden with Zara and mummy, and then the sky is getting lighter. I enjoy my morning walk…even if it is a short time.

This week, lots of things have arrived at DR TOOT - more tools and parts for daddy from USA, some pre-loved instruments from Japan and some instruments from customers and music shops in New Zealand. The big parcel has arrived from Japan and it contained two Yamaha tenor saxophones. It was an order from one of schools in Auckland. They looked very shinny after daddy and Shoko serviced them !

A doctor can be busy even he is not here…while daddy was away from home for a rehearsal, three different customers visited us after hours on Wednesday. Emergency, emergency….Daddy started early next morning to make sure everything is done on time.

Then, another parcel arrived from Japan on Friday. It contained two Yamaha flutes and a Yamaha cornet. One flute and the cornet were ordered by a school in Auckland, and another flute was a special order by one of customers in Auckland. The student and her mother visited us on Saturday, and she tried the flute and loved it…and she also liked me - Very good customer JJJ

My big sis, Zara is not really happy recently because she doesn’t see daddy much in the evenings. He has been out most of nights for rehearsals. Zara is upset if he is not around…but mummy, Zara and I have quiet and relaxing nights together. So, it’s not bad things…girls’ nights at DR TOOT J