Sunday, 15 March 2015

Where is daddy.....

Greetings from Queen Zara. This has been a more crazy week than usual. I like routines. I wake up…go outside for poo poo and wee wee…back for breakfast then out again to finish what I didn’t finish before. I sleep for the most of the day and have my daddy to be close to at night. That is life for me. This week has been different. Where is Daddy????

Let’s start at the beginning of the week. It started like every other week. Monday work hard…a bit of teaching and home watching Blacklist with daddy. Tuesday…work, a bit of teaching then daddy went out for a brass quintet rehearsal. This was a rehearsal for something special on Saturday.

Wednesday, work, a bit of teaching then off to Howick Brass Band rehearsal. Where is my daddy for a cuddle. On Thursday, work and a bit of teaching, then out to AWO for rehearsal for an up and coming concert…I am not happy.

At least we always have Friday….but NO! Friday started with work, no teaching, then off early for a brass quintet rehearsal in Devonport. Friday and Tuesday’s  night rehearsal was for a special friend of mummy’s and daddy’s. Neil and Fi got married yesterday and daddy played tuba in the brass quintet for them. They tell me that it was so beautiful and everything went well. But it meant another night without my daddy!!!

Today daddy played with the Howick Brass Band but is now cooking a roast chicken, so we know he is in for the night and will be here to be with me. Please daddy… is about me….

Been pretty busy in the shop with 2 Yamaha alto saxophones that arrived in from Japan for a school here in Auckland. On Thursday night, we sold a student Yamaha flute to a customer. There is never a dull moment at DR.TOOT. We also received many new Selmer Paris mouthpieces from France. I would love to travel, but home for Alfa and I is best.

Time for me to go and help daddy with the roast. I will make sure that tonight he will not go out and plan on some family cuddles with daddy…. J