Sunday, 24 May 2015

Been another good Zara Week :)

Yes…Zara is back on form! It’s been a great week at DR TOOT. Repairs, Sales, New imported instruments…..we got it all!!!! Daddy is with me now as I type and he has just got back from an AWO Concert where he played the tuba and gave a speech, But on that later.

Just to let you all know that I am well and healthy as always. My fur looks great and my weight is fine. Daddy and I are on a diet of sorts. Daddy has lost 3 kilo’s in 2 weeks. Not that he looks any different to me, but he feels much better. I am not a big eater myself, unlike Alfa who loves her food and biscuits. Daddy wants to look better for himself. I love daddy, but there was too much of daddy to love. I will keep you in touch with daddy’s progress.

Two instruments arrived in this week from Japan. First one was a Yamaha 400 series trumpet for stock and the other was our first Bass trombone. It is a Yamaha double trigger YBL813UG Xeno Bass Trombone. These two instruments should be listed tomorrow for all of you to enjoy and see.
This week, three instruments have been sold. Thursday this week, a Yamaha YCL450 Wooden Clarinet has found a new home here in Auckland. Today, two instruments will be leaving here tomorrow to new homes. A Yamaha Piccolo to Napier and a Yamaha Bb/F Trombone will be making it’s way to Wellington. One thing about our instruments….they sure do get around!

Repairs are busy as usual and mummy took some funny photos of daddy in the shower cleaning a tuba. These photo’s can be seen on our Facebook page. Daddy sure looks funny. Lots of repairs are coming in and lots have gone out. We mentioned last week about 11 instruments coming in from Upper Hutt for servicing. The instruments were complete and returned to that school. We received a wonderful email saying that the instruments arrived safe and sound and that they were very very happy. There is a warm and wonderful feeling being part of a winning and positive team :)

Speaking of positive, I am positively  tierd and need to sleep. Alfa is snoring and I am getting little sleep because of her. This on of many things I have to put up with, Enough said. Good night my loyal and true friends and I will talk and share my thoughts with you in two weeks !