Sunday, 31 May 2015

Finally winter here ?

It has been cold and looks the winter has arrived here in Auckland. Mummy and daddy took out the oil heater... and I just cannot move from the heater J

This week, three pre-loved saxophones have arrived safely from Japan.  All of them are Yamaha saxophones – two alto saxes, YAS275 and YAS475 and a tenor sax, YTS23. Daddy has serviced them and mummy will be listing them on our website soon. We have now lots of saxophones in stock, so if you, your family or friends are looking for a high quality saxophone at good price, please contact us !

Our Repair Department has been busy as usual. Shoko has worked on a few saxophones and a Platinum Service (overhaul) on Selmer clarinet. Daddy has worked on a few saxophones, cornets, trumpets, a trombone and a tuba.

Saturday morning, a customer visited us with his baritone sax and family. I saw a little boy from a window, having a good time at DR TOOT J The baritone sax will be “#drtootonthebench” on our facebook soon !

Then, another customer from Hamilton came to pick up his alto sax who picked up his tenor sax last Saturday….he must love DR TOOT J Then, mummy had three visitors (her friend and her two Italian friends (sisters). They were talking each other in Italian….Zara and I stayed and listened J

This morning, we had a phone call and the customer came to drop off a saxophone for service. Daddy was as usual….talk, talk, talk…and listen and listen….and talk, talk, talk…It seems another busy week goes ahead !!!

I must mention about our promotion in June – We are offering a 15% off for all private customers flutes services/repairs until the end of June. So, if your flute needs services/maintainace or any kind of repairs, please don’t miss the chance ! I, Princess Alfa is waiting for you with your flute !!!!