Sunday, 17 May 2015

Brass Bandy Daddy !

Prince Harry has gone back to UK, and Zara and I were disappointed that we didn’t have chance to see him….We saw him on TV and it seemed that he had a very good time in NZ.

The Repair Department of DR TOOT has been very busy. Lots of instruments have arrived this week for repairs. Some of them were from a school in Upper Hutt (Survived through the floods down there) ! All of them need TLC by DR TOOT :) Then, 13 clarinets have gone back to their school in Auckland. They also needed a big TLC, and we are happy to see that they have been picked up safely on Friday !

Also, there are a few instruments from Howick Brass Band. A tuba, tenor horns. Cornets…the workshop is a full of instruments again…very good !!!

Unfortunately, it was a bit quiet at the Sales Department of DR TOOT – No big sales was made, BUT there were still lots of accessories sales :) Gonzalez reeds, Korg metronomes, Selmer Paris and Vandoren mouthpiece patches…etc. went out to all over New Zealand.  Speaking of Gonzalez reeds, now we have a facebook page for Gonzalez Reeds NZ – please check it out !

One pre-loved instrument has arrived from Japan this week. It was our first Yamaha professional baritone horn YBH621S. Daddy will be servicing it and it will be on our website and Trade Me soon :)

My big sis, Zara wasn’t happy again as daddy was out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Friday night, mummy was out too. They went to the concert at Auckland University. It was by Woodwind Department, School of Music. Our ex-student/customer, Tomomi, played with other students as Saxophone Quartet. They are very proud of her and look forward to her future performances. Her teacher/NZ Selmer Paris Artist, Michael Jamieson also performed. Mummy and daddy told us that they enjoyed the music and performances. Especially, daddy saw lots of people who had not seen for a long time, and he was wrapped indeed.

Today, daddy played the tuba with Howick Brass Band at Howick Historical Village. Daddy was rehearsing with them from 10-12 then off for a concert at the Village. It’s Brass Band Season and Daddy is out every Wednesday evening and every Sunday evening rehearsing. Zara is pretty upset and is playing hard to get with daddy. She does not come straight to daddy when he is relaxing.  Issues… I think.

Time to call it a night. Daddy is cooking spare ribs and the house smells amazing! Unfortunately, Turkey mince for Zara and I - That’s life. Enjoy your week to come and wrap up warm. It is getting cooler…..puuuurrr.