Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Purr Purr Mothers Day !

Greetings one and all. Yes. It is true. I have had an Alfa week. As much as it hurts me to say…this week has been good. As many of my very loyal followers know, I have not has a good track with sales when it is my week and Alfa has more often had a great week when it is her turn. One of the reasons I think is because, I set up the sales before her turn, and during her time, she closes the deal.

Well this week, I had a great week sales wise. On Monday, two instruments arrived in from Japan. One professional series Yamaha Cornet and one Yamaha 400 Series Bb/F Trombone. On Tuesday, the Yamaha cornet was sold to a lovely man who plays with daddy in the Howick Brass Band. He was so happy to receive it and is now producing lovely sounds. He and daddy are playing in the NZ Brass Band Contest in July, but more on that at another time.

Then on Thursday a gentleman who has known daddy for many years and is now living in Wellington, has just purchased our Selmer Paris Series III Pre-loved Tenor Saxophone. He already owns a Selmer Paris Series III Soprano Sax and a Series III Alto Sax. The tenor sax is a welcome addition to his Selmer Paris Saxophone collection. This man has great taste!!!!! Selmer Paris Saxophones are the real deal. Made to the highest standards in Paris, France. Many companies copy Selmer Paris clarinets and saxophones…..but there is only one true and real Selmer…and DR TOOT are the importers. Alfa and I are very proud of mummy and daddy.

On Friday this week, mummy and daddy and Shoko had their staff meeting. Because I am daddy’s PA and Alfa is mummy’s PA, we had to attend. There are many exciting things coming up soon which we can’t talk about at this stage. Watch this space. Speaking of space… Have you seen the latest happenings at DR TOOT? On our Facebook, we are featuring “On the Bench”. This is an insight on the going on’s on the work benches of Daddy and Shoko. It’s very interesting and getting great feedback. This week too we have launched a NZ Gonzalez Reeds Facebook. Check it out and please like it!!!

Time to sign off, but before I do, I must say on behalf of Alfa and myself...Happy Mother’s Day! This a special day to thank our mums for all their hard work is loving and care for all of us. For always feeding Alfa and cleaning her dirt box, for cleaning her fur off the carpet, for cleaning after her when she makes a mess, for……… :)