Sunday, 7 June 2015

DIET !!!!!!

Not Happy! A few months ago Alfa and I went in for our yearly check up. They did all the tests and I of course was a picture of health. Same weight as a year ago as I do watch my figure. Alfa had gain A LOT OF WEIGHT, since our check up a year ago. Now because of Alfa and daddy having to go on a diet,…..I have to too. Mummy is joining me for moral support.  This means, there are few biscuits between meals and no food between dinner and bed. Not Happy!!! Why should I pay the price for having a fatty sister….and daddy too. I am strong and can handle it. Lets see…. J

This week, has been pretty busy in the repair shop. Many many instruments have come in and daddy and Shoko have both been very busy.  Pictures of Shoko can be seen on our Facebook page “#drtootonthebench” Shoko is working on a Selmer silver alto sax. Daddy has been working on flutes, clarinets, saxophones and an assortment of brass instruments. Because it was a shortened week, meant that the same amount of repairs has to be done in a shorter time. Honestly… a cat, everyday seems the same as the next. I live a cats life. What more can I say?

Apart from the many accessories sale, we sold a really nice instrument. Our first baritone horn.  On Tuesday a customer of ours came in the morning and bought the Yamaha 4 valved professional silver plated baritone horn. We have seen many brass band instruments in our shop recently as daddy has been very busy getting instruments ready for the Contest next month.

Time to sign off. I haven’t seen much of daddy this weekend. He left for band practice at 11am on Saturday and returned after 6pm. Most of this time was spent banding, but I do believe he went with others for a bit of socializing ant the local pub. Hard work tuba playing he said. Then today (Sunday), he was out practicing again at 11 with playing and marching, finishing with a concert at 3pm this afternoon. I miss daddy. When I get upset I eat….but now I have to find something else to do. Maybe have fun with Alfa……hehehehehehe