Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Woodwind Week…

Well, as my big sis, Zara mentioned last week, we are all on diet at DR TOOTs ! I feel hungry all the time, but I have to understand that mummy and daddy are thinking of my health….so, I have to get over it L Everyone thinks I am chubby or got fatter than before, so I must keep my shape slimmer. Otherwise, it is not good for my heart and legs….ummmmmm.

This week, I must report that two instruments were sold…finally after a bit silence from my week J One of our regular customers has ordered a Selmer Paris A clarinet from us !!! She has already a Selmer Signature Bb clarinet, so it will be matching with the Bb clarinet. It is on the way to DR TOOT from Paris now.

Then, one of our pre-loved Yamaha alto saxophones has found a new home through Trade Me, and it will be leaving for Whakatane tomorrow morning. We hope that a new owner will look after it well.

Shoko and daddy were working on a vintage Martin baritone sax, and the owner of the saxophone came to pick up with his little son on Friday. He tried it and he was so happy with the bari ! He has left very nice message and review on our facebook. Thanks so much, Ross – Happy Tooting from the Team at DR TOOT !

Daddy seems to be very busy with Howick Brass Band and now Manukau Symphony Orchestra rehearsal has started. He is having a rehearsal with HBB right now….without daddy, Zara can be grumpy…..but after all, it is not so bad three girls together (of course, mummy, Zara and me !) having a relaxing Sunday night…JJJ

PS: We love oil heaters !