Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tubby the Tuba..and Alfa…

I am not happy! This diet is killing me. I get the hunger pains at 10….11….2…4, then finally at 5, we both get fed. I am not sure about Alfa, but I know that I have lost weight. We start the day with a fishy dish and at night we have rabbit, or turkey or beef. In between we use to have yummy biscuits, but nowadays, we see very little of this. I am sorry to go on about this, but I am in the public eye a lot and my subjects are saying that I don’t look well. This is very hard for me as I am Zara. I go out. Alfa stays indoors, so who cares…..enough said.

Back to business…  As usual, when it’s my turn to speak, there are many interesting things to share. On Thursday, our first Bass Trombone for sale has found a home here in Auckland. Last weekend under Alfa’s watch, a nice boy came over with his father and sister and he tested and played the trombone. It sounded so rich and smooth, that I thought it was daddy playing the tuba. Well he loved it so much that his parents got it for him and he looked really happy.

On Thursday, we received from Japan, our first tuba for sale. It is a 4 rotary valved, piggy, (Alfa), BBb Tuba. It was made in Germany by B&S for Kawai. Daddy had a play on it and wow, it sounded amazing. With any luck, this might be on Alfa’s news next week. The usual sales of reeds and accessories went out during the week.

Yesterday a family came in and their daughter tried out a Yamaha professional trumpet we had in stock. She will be doing Grade 7 soon and needed something pretty special. She liked it and they bought it. Another happy DR TOOT customer.

Daddy has been busy again with his playing…the tuba of course!! Rehearsals with Howick Brass Band on Wednesday..MSO rehearsals this afternoon and Howick Brass Band tonight. I do my best to comfort him and show how much I love him. I do this not because I want biscuits…no no no.  It’s because I care. I love my daddy. I love my biscuits too.

Time to go. It is a lovely clear cool winters day here and I am out to strut my stuff. What little I have. At least my fur looks amazing and I am in great health. Be Good Everybody…eat well..