Sunday, 26 July 2015

3 Tenors

This week started a lots of accessories sales….Gonzalez reeds, Yamaha cleaning swabs, Rico reeds case, Neotech straps….etc. Believe or not, and I don’t know why, but most of them have gone to Dunedin ! My big sis, Zara and I were saying “someone must be talking about us….not about DR TOOT, but US !!!”

Mummy was busy invoicing and packing. I helped watching her in the office to make sure she was packing the right items J Another busy week for daddy and Shoko – workshop is a full of instruments. She worked on two flutes which had Platinum Services (complete overhauls). The customer was so happy with the work. Now Shoko is working on a vintage Italian saxophone. It needs a Platinum Service too.

Among of the instruments, there are two Yamaha trumpets and a Yamaha wooden clarinet which arrived from Japan Saturday morning - Daddy will be servicing them soon ! Also, we received brand new TrumCor mutes from USA - These mutes are new for us and new to New Zealand ! Mummy has taken the photos and listed them on our website, so if you are looking for a mute for trumpet or trombone, please have a look J A couple of daddy’s friends have tried and they were impressed the sound and quality ! Yes, they are hand crafted.

On Friday, a family visited us who lives in overseas. The son brought in his Yamaha alto saxophone YAS62 and he wanted to try our pre-loved tenor YTS62. He loved the sound and he was a happy boy with the matching tenor saxophone J

Then, the same day, one of our customers, who purchased a few things from us in the past, phoned us and talked to daddy about the Yamaha tenor sax YTS23 in stock. After daddy talked, talked, talked…he decided to purchase it. The tenor is leaving for Wellington tomorrow J

Two tenors have found their new homes and the latest addition YTS62S was left alone…but not too long. The YTS62S (silver plated) has found a new home yesterday ! Again, our customer, who purchased the Yamaha alto sax YAS62 before, purchased it online…it gave mummy and daddy super surprise ! Also, Zara was shocked…three tenors have found their new homes, pretty cool, ha !? Yes, I am Alfa, Princess Alfa JJJ The YTS62 is leaving for Hamilton tomorrow !

The coming this week, more Selmer products should be arriving here from Paris. The latest Privilege Bb clarinet, SelS Axos alto saxophone, their reeds, Bb clarinet mouthpieces…etc. How exciting !!! Zara will tell you the details J

It’s raining outside….hopefully we will have a fine day tomorrow ! Keep warm and well, everyone…and Happy Tooting !!!