Sunday, 2 August 2015

Goodbye July…Hello August!!!

Welcome to August. This is an exciting month as we have many things happening, including Daddy’s Birthday. Daddy looks younger and younger every year. I love my daddy and knows it! But I must talk about July. We had the best July ever regarding sales which means there will be more goodies in our cat food because of this. Alfa’s diet is not been fun and I am hoping that more biscuits will be included in our dishes. It has been a Selmer month…..

On Monday we received  a parcel from Selmer France. In that parcel was a Selmer Seles Axos  Alto Sax and Selmer Privilege Bb Clarinet as well as an assortment of Selmer mouthpieces incl. the latest Concept and Focus Bb clarinet mouthpiece and our first shipment of Selmer Reeds. We were so excited to receive this and are now listed on our website and Facebook.

On Tuesday a gentleman came up from Hastings to try and buy our beautiful Selmer Reference Tenor Sax. He made a lovely sound. Alfa and I lay on our beds listening to his playing……He brought up a friend of his who brought his Selmer MKVI Tenor Sax for us to do a GOLD Service on it. A very Selmer Day. In the middle of the week we sold a Yamaha YAS 34 and lastly a Yamaha Trombone has found a new home in Auckland on Friday. Wow…what a week and it was a Zara week J

On Friday evening we had Michael Jamison over for dinner. He is as you may remember, the Selmer Paris Artist representing New Zealand. He is a proud owner of a Selmer Paris Reference Alto Sax that he recently picked up in Paris. There is much going on and a bit much for this poor cat to take in.
Finally on Saturday, Daddy’s Students played at the Uxbridge Art Centre. There were not the numbers daddy had hoped for attending, but the students played very well and the trio daddy plays for played well too.

I thought that daddy can cook only roast chicken, roast beef, roast pork, roast………but he cooked French onion soup tonight !!!  The receipt was given to daddy by another tuba player, Rotorua roomie !  Mummy loves it :)

Time to go as I am pretty tiered and must rest. Till later my friends…..purr purr.