Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Sweet Sounds of Selmer

Greetings  everyone. Again it’s my turn to shine. I think it is nice to have one week with me on and the other with me off. It gives me a rest and a chance for others, who are still learning to have a go. I know all of you want me to speak for DR TOOT every week, but it’s only fair to spread the love and responsibility… Alfa can have a go……YA RIGHT!

This week we have had daddy in the shop all week. Last week as you remember he was away for most of the week with the Brass Band Contest in Rotorua. This week he is back in his proper place in the shop and with me. I have been a little tough on daddy. I usually let him have me lay on his lap while he is watching TV at night. Instead, I have been sleeping in Alfa’s bed at this time to teach him a lesson. Don’t leave me again for this long time. I think the message is getting through J

It’s been another exciting week at DR TOOT. On Monday, an Altus Flute left the shop for a home in Dunedin , and on Tuesday a Yanagisawa Elimona Alto sax found a new home in Rotorua. Yup….Zara is back on form!!!

Early this week we received from Japan a Yamaha YTS62 Silver Tenor Sax for stock and will be ready for sale this coming week. We also received our first Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Sax directly from Paris France. Wow it is so beautiful  and hand  picked by Michael Jamieson (Selmer Paris Artist NZ), and is more beautiful than me. So you all know it’s pretty fantastic. Mummy took many pictures of it and proudly put them on our website and Facebook page. One of our customers too thought it was beautiful and asked if he could come around on Saturday afternoon to try it…….he played and played it and it sounded so lovely. He loved it so much that he decided that he couldn’t leave her and bought it a few hours later. Yet another happy customer with another beautiful Selmer Paris Saxophone !

As far as repairs go…..daddy and Shoko have been very, very busy working on many instruments. Shoko did two Platimum Serviced on two flutes for the same customer as well as many other instruments. Daddy too has been busy with trumpets, flutes and clarinets. It’s all go at DR TOOT. 

Not to forget mummy……She has been busy filling out orders for customers all over NZ. Everybody is busy! Just talking about this makes me sleepy.  I think it’s time for Alfa and me to rest. There are many things going on which Alfa (under my guided eye), will share with you next week. Be HAPPY!!!