Sunday, 5 July 2015

Boom..Boom.. Boom Boom Boom !

Sooooooo funny and a little disturbing. Early this morning (Sunday morning), a man who’s name is Shaun from Howick Brass Band, gave daddy a one on one marching lesson on our driveway. This was interesting and yet, a little disturbing. Seeing daddy marching up and down the driveway was funny to see…Boom..Boom.. Boom Boom Boom.  Daddy needed the help as he will be marching with the band in the up and coming Brass Band Championship held this coming week from Wednesday to Sunday….Go Howick Brass Band …and daddy!!!

Now, the week that was. I am afraid, but I cannot compete with Alfa regarding sales. Alfa as you may remember, had a record week for selling last week. I think that some of them, I set up for her the prior week, but I am too good of a cat to suggest more than that. I have to say that she was quite amazing for a fat tabby cat. I wonder how much the diet is working on her, because it is killing me.

Michael Jamieson, our New Zealand Selmer Paris Artist flew off to Paris, France on Tuesday to try and pick out a Selmer Reference Alto Sax for himself and for DR TOOT Stock.  It was amazingly hot there, but he was able to play some cool notes and has left France with a great sax for himself and one for us. Thank you, Michael J  We look forward to seeing you when you arrive back here later this month !

If you look on our Facebook, you will see two trombones on a table in daddy’s workshop. These two instruments were brought into DR TOOT on Friday by two very well known and professional trombonist here in Auckland. One trombone is a Contra Bass Trombone and the other is a baby mini Trombone. It looks so cute. What do you think? One of the trombonist’s has left 4 trombones and a couple of trumpets for us to service over the school holidays. Yes that’s right. It’s school holiday time and a great time to get those instruments serviced and ready for the new term.  Don’t leave it to the last minute. Now is the time!!

Time to curl up now and grab a dew kitty naps. If you are a brass band player, please say hi to my daddy in Rotorua. He will be playing tuba with the Howick Brass Band. Tell him Zara sent you. He will understand. Daddy will miss me so please keep an eye open for him…and remember …Boom…Boom…Boom Boom Boom!!!