Sunday, 12 July 2015

DR TOOT without DR TOOT…

Another busy week at DR TOOT started on Monday with a family from Palmerston North ! Their daughter wanted to try our pre-loved flutes. She tried a Yamaha flute YFL311ll and the family has left happily with the flute J

Next day, it was not nice day outside…but a courier driver came early (before 7.00am) and he delivered lots of parcels – Selmer mouthpieces from France, Rovner ligatures from Australia, a tenor saxophone from Dunedin, and a pre-loved Yanagisawa soprano sax S901ll from Japan !

The soprano sax was a special order by one of our customers in Oamaru. It was only two years old and looked like new ! Shoko has serviced it, and it was customized by replacing the original plastic thumb rest to WoodStone thumb rest type ll. The saxophone has left DR TOOT for Oamaru the next day J

The same day in the morning, daddy left for Rotorua too ! Oh….my big sis Zara was acting funny way since the previous night…she knew that daddy would be away for a few days…in the morning, she was really weird..kept  following daddy like puppy ! Zara is the cat grown up with a doggy called Billy…so, I guess she’s got that from him…I guess J

On Thursday….Daddy normally prepares breakfast for mummy and us, so without daddy, mummy had to be really organized herself. The first courier delivered an alto sax before 7.00am from Morrinsville and a baritone sax from Blenheim was delivered just around 7.00am.  Then, our pre-loved Bach Strad trombone found a new home through Trade Me late morning. It was wrapped nicely and has left for Marton J

It was so chilly in Auckland on Friday. It started quiet without daddy…In the morning, mummy had a phone call from a customer in Tauranga. He found our pre-loved Yamaha flute 411 on our website. This time, mummy had to talk, talk, talk….without daddy. He has ordered it over the phone….ummmm, I am Alfa…Princess Alfa JJJ

We had a quiet weekend here without daddy. It was a beautiful blue clear sky and my big sis Zara and I enjoyed outside together…it was chilly but nice to be outside J Then, this afternoon, daddy arrived home safely and we are all happy to see him again J. After unpacking his clothes for washing and tuba upstairs and things away, he was at last able to talk about the week away.

Howick Brass Band is a C Grade band. They came first in the Hymn Piece, second in the Test Piece and third overall. Well done, Howick Brass Band. This was Luke’s first time to conduct and take the band to a contest. The band is very very proud of him and we are very proud of our daddy. Happy Faces all round!!!!!