Sunday, 30 August 2015

Exams and Workshops and always “Daddy’s Girl”!

I am exhausted! It has been a crazy week here at DR TOOT. Alfa and I have done our best to keep things balanced, but this week had many things that kept us all on our paws.

Orders for reeds, mouthpieces and other accessories are a daily happening. Mummy always seems busy in the office invoicing goodies while Alfa sits in front on the computer screen pretending she knows what’s going on. Mummy was very busy not just with the everyday things at DR TOOT, but also preparing for our Selmer Night Workshop to be held on Friday 28th at Lewis Eady. She was busy stuffing “Goodie” Bags and making sure everything was organised for the big night.

Daddy and Shoko were busy as always getting customer’s instruments done. Many clarinets came in which kept Shoko very busy and cornets and saxophones to keep daddy busy.  Such a hive of activity all around. Alfa, I feel just gets in the way.  Just looking for attention and food. I made a point of not getting in the way and making my presence felt in times of stress, so as to calm the waters. That is my nature.

The days of the week went so fast. On Monday evening, something out of our routine happened. Just after work, daddy brought out the two cat prisons with handles out. These are usually brought out when Alfa and I are going in the car… the vets! You guessed it. It was a trip to the new vets for our vaccinations. I have a feeling that this was because Alfa and I are staying at some cat hotel on Friday and Saturday evening till sometime on Sunday afternoon. This worries me. Alfa and I are in great health, although the vet, at sometime wants to do some dental work on my teeth. I clean my teeth, but not good enough it seems. Alfa has lots some weight but is still heavier than me. No surprises there :-)

Friday has arrived. Daddy had a few students doing their Trinity College exams late Friday morning till early afternoon. I think daddy gets as nervous as his students do. They seem to all do well. After the exams, daddy rushed home and helped prepare with mummy and Shoko for the Selmer Night. As Alfa and I were again not invited, we heard from mum and dad that it was a great success. About 50 turned up and everyone had a good time. Michael Jamieson, and Drew Hutchinson were the artists with Evans Chuang on piano. I think Evans has great taste. He has two dogs and one of his dogs is named Zara. Wow! Two Zara’s in New Zealand!!!!!

Now I know you are thinking……did we do any sales??? Of course we did. It’s Zara’s week. On Saturday morning, a gentleman came and bought a beautiful Yamaha Custom Trumpet for his son. The boy is a very lucky boy to get such an instrument, but we were told that he works very hard and deserves this wonderful trumpet. Time for me to relax now. It has been such a week and its not finished yet.  Daddy with the Howick Brass Band are performing at the RSA tonight in Howick and daddy even has a tuba solo to play with the band backing him. I love my daddy…..and yes I am daddy’s  girl FOVER !!!