Sunday, 9 August 2015

It’s just a number…….

It’s already August and I cannot believe a few months to Christmas…where has this year gone ? Well, yesterday (Saturday) was daddy’s 59th birthday…mummy, Zara and I cerebrated his birthday together, and gave him a birthday card J We said in the card that 59 is just number….yes, it’s just number and a big one is coming up next year, daddy !!! My big sis, Zara will be catching up his age soon too…hehehehe.

Monday, another busy week started at DR TOOT – some accessories sales (most of them were from Christchurch this time !) and a few instruments arrived for repairs/services. Then, next day, we had a couple from Oamaru ! They were visiting Auckland and came to see us J She is a teacher (clarinets and saxophones) and has purchased lots of accessories from us in the past and one of our pre-loved Yamaha alto sax recently. She has two cats too….and she said to me “the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen !” ummmm, very good customer….I was flattered J ummmmm, Zara was jealous J

Anyway, the customer has left two clarinets for us do services, and Shoko has done excellent work on them – one for Gold Service and another for Platinum Service (complete overhaul). They are ready and going back to Oamaru on Monday !

Friday, lots of customers turned up. One of them was our old customer (uh, he is not old like daddy ;-) from Cambridge. He has brought a baritone sax for us to do service. It will be on Shoko’s bench ! Then, mummy and daddy received an email from overseas…sorry, but I cannot say from which country…but it will be another big news for DR TOOT soon !??????????? oh, oh, oh, I am Alfa, Princess Alfa J must keep quiet !!!

Daddy had rehearsals yesterday and today with Manukau Symphony Orchestra. He is a bit nervous because he has huge tuba solos for this concert! Yesterday, players at the orchestra played “Happy Birthday” to daddy and he was so happy …thanks, everyone from mummy, Zara and Alfa J

It’s been mild weather here in Auckland, and I feel that spring is just around corner !? I look at the trees, flowers….and birds…. J The days seem a little longer and better weather which means I can stay outside longer. It is still a little chilly, but not too bad. Thank you for reading my blog ! Have a great week to come and please remember, Happy Tooting !!!