Sunday, 11 October 2015

Power of Cat !?

Greetings again to all my fellow watchers. Yes, it is Queen Zara here again to give you the news and views of DR TOOT. It is another week closer to summer. The days seem longer and warmer. Alfa has been allowed more time outside, but still on a leash if unattended. For me, it’s always freedom. I come and go as I wish. We have no cat door here, so I let mummy or daddy let me in or out as I please. Everyone knows their place and job they need to do. I do love the feeling of power!!!!

This week has been an interesting week. On Tuesday we had a man with a hose and a lot of water. He was here to clean out the gutters on our roof. So much noise!!!! Alfa and I went under mummy's desk. I went there to keep Alfa some company of course. She was so scared. Actually we were both scared but Alfa was more so :)

We have a visitor that has recently been visiting us. It’s a Tabby cat like Alfa. Seems pretty friendly, but is in my estate too often. Alfa gets very angry and wants to chase this cat from our property. Trouble is, is that Alfa is a house cat. It is left to me to do the dead. I chase him off the estate and peace again is felt at DR TOOT.

No major sales this week, but a lot of repairs were done. Shoko was busy working on 2 baritone saxophones as well as many clarinets and other saxophones. Daddy too was busy, but it is hard to say doing what. He is working on a tuba now and should get it finished tomorrow. Shoko is working hard on woodwind instruments. It’s the last week of school holidays, so it really has been busy in the work shop.

Time for me to go. Daddy has a concert tonight in Howick with the Howick Brass Band, with two concerts next week. Busy daddy. This means little for me…….as usual....meow !