Sunday, 18 October 2015

Well Done, Boys !!!

This morning, mummy and daddy got up earlier than normal Sunday. Ummmm, something was different. Daddy was wearing the Howick Brass Band red jacket and ready for the contest this morning in Papakura. Daddy and mummy were watching a TV in the morning…..ahhh, the rugby game was on telly - All Blacks VS France ! Daddy had to leave for the contest and could not watch the game. Mummy, Zara and I watched the game together, and I was so tired in the end as you can see the photo….hehehehe. Zara was Zara J

Well, Howick Brass Band won as well as All Blacks - 62-13, Well Done, Boys !!!!!!! Congrats from the Team at DR TOOT J

This week, we received two pre-loved instruments from Japan – Yamaha alto sax YAS62 with G1 neck and Yamaha tenor sax YTS34. More instruments are arriving soon ! Speaking of Japan, I’ve heard that mummy and daddy are going to Japan soon….DR TOOT will be closed from Thursday, 22nd and reopen on Monday, 2nd November !

This time, we won’t be staying the cat hotel….Uncle Bruce is coming to look after us J So, our customers can still bring or send instruments to us.  Zara and I will take care of them for you ! J

Daddy also played a tuba with Manukau Symphony Orchestra Saturday night. Well done, daddy ! Next Sunday, it’s Zara’s turn for the blog, but she said that she wouldn’t be doing that because mummy and daddy will be in Japan. She thinks she needs a break too J

Today mummy and I spent some mummy and daughter quality time outside. I can’t believe how fast our flowers are growing. On Friday, a man came along and mowed the lawns. This is good because the grass sometimes tickles my tummy when I walk on it. Everything is looking green and healthy. There are a couple of trees growing that are close to our fence. When they get bigger and stronger, like me, I will be able to climb them and see what’s on the other side….hee hee hee…  

Well, I better go. Daddy is just getting dinner for us and he is cooking dinner for mummy tonight too. When daddy cooks, it is usually a roast. He is safe with that J. The whole house smells of roast and roasted vegetables for days. Bring it on Daddy!!!