Sunday, 1 November 2015

Mummy and Daddy…come home….

My greetings to all my friends and those that value my words of wisdom.  I must first apologise for not writing last Sunday evening. It wasn’t my fault!!! Daddy and mummy left for Japan early on Thursday morning. While they were away, Uncle Bruce looked after Alfa and I. He fed us and I even let him have me on his lap. I am a very giving cat. Friday came and no daddy and mummy…Saturday came and went…Sunday came and I asked Uncle Bruce to help me with my Blog, but he didn’t have daddy’s special laptop to record my messages. This was so sad for me because I know how much you all hang on to every word I say and how much I mean to you. I am sorry.

Monday was a public holiday here in New Zealand and still no mummy or daddy. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday came and went and still no mummy or daddy. Alfa was in a horrible state of mind. Much worse than normal. She was hiding behind the curtains and keeping a low profile. One thing that stayed the same was her ability to eat more than me! She told me that it was because of her nerves……I don’t think so. I asked Uncle Bruce when mummy and daddy were coming home. He just smiled and said…You will see. Sure enough, it happened!!!!! Mummy and daddy arrived back on Friday morning with many things, including a gift for Alfa and me. It’s a ball with a bell with some feathers attached. Well, they were attached when we got it. I have had some fun with it and it’s not quite the same as when we saw it first.

Mummy and daddy went to Japan to see mummy’s family and check out many music shops in Tokyo. They said that they had a lot of fun. They didn’t say anything about taking me with them next time. I might just ignore them for a while to teach them a lesson. While they were gone, I was able to sell a Yamaha piccolo and I helped them sell a Yamaha YFL311 flute today. Speaking of today, Alfa and I were in a deep sleep early this morning, when we heard noises coming from the living room. I heard daddy clapping his hands and shouting “ Go the All Blacks” I thought that maybe daddy was telling the all black cat that lives nearby to go! Daddy was watching the final rugby game between Australia and New Zealand and NEW ZEALAND ALL BLACKS WON! Daddy has been in a pretty good mood today.

Time to go and rest my head. It has been a little stressful without mummy or daddy for me. Maybe next trip I can go with just my daddy….purr..purr..purr :)