Sunday, 15 November 2015

Birthdays for some and prayers for Paris...

T’was the night before my birthday. It has been a real week of birthdays, but as always….we leave the best for last. It was mummy’s birthday last Monday. Mummy got had a lovely dinner and a beautiful cake with no candles on it, (we don’t talk about that ), and a glass of nice bubbles. We all sang happy birthday and mummy seemed happy. Then it was Alfa’s birthday on Wednesday. We had a special whitebait and salmon dish for breakfast and sheared  chicken with snapper for dinner. I love cat dinners. Even if it was Alfa’s.  I wonder what will happen for me tomorrow…. J

You can always tell when it’s my week. Sales happen. This week a Conn professional trombone has found a home in Nelson and a Yamaha trombone has found a new home at the local High School. It’s all happening on my watch. The usual accessories too have gone and have new homes to go to. In the repair shop, Daddy and Shoko have been very busy working on instruments for a school in Tauranga while Mari has been busy cleaning the instruments for daddy and Shoko prior to them being worked on. This is a great help and very much appreciated!!

Friday evening, daddy dressed up in his Howick Band uniform and went to play with them for the annual “Midnight Madness” held in the Howick shopping area. The bans played well I am told and daddy didn’t get back till after midnight. He woke Alfa and I and I was not too happy!!! I love my daddy, but a Queen must have her beauty sleep!

Sad news on Saturday. As you know, DR TOOT are the agents for the famous brand Henri Selmer Paris which and makers of the world’s best clarinets and saxophones.  In the evening some naughty and bad terrorist  killed many people. This was a horrible thing to happen and we all wish the people of France our prayers and thoughts. We are thinking of them and the people who work for Henri Selmer Paris.