Sunday, 22 November 2015

Birthdays…Present and Past…

This week started with a Zara’s Birthday…we cerebrated with Salmon dish in the morning and Snapper in the evening – thanks, mummy, daddy and Zara…I enjoyed very much J Ah, Zara has turned 8 year-old !!! Happy Birthday, my big sis Zara !!! You are my fuuuurbulous sister J

We had another busy week here at DR TOOT ! Lots of instruments have arrived for Platinum Service (complete overhaul) and 32 instruments have been serviced and gone back to a school in Tauranga.

Lots of accessories were sold during the weekend and have left here on Monday to all over New Zealand. Tuesday, a pre-loved Yamaha alto saxophone YAS62 has found a new home in Lower Hutt.
Also, lots of pads for flutes, clarinets and saxophones have arrived from Italy, and we welcome a big saxophone (baritone sax) from Japan to our new addition. It’s a Yanagisawa B800 which is not often seen. It will be available for sale very soon from DR TOOT J

Friday morning, a pre-loved Jupiter flute has left for a new home in Tauranga. A girl who has been looking for a flute will be the new owner and her mum told our mummy that she is so excited about getting her own flute – Congrats and Happy Tooting from me and Zara !

Then, Friday afternoon, two boys and their mum visited DR TOOT. One of boys, Paul tried one of our pre-loved Yamaha tenor saxophones and he loves it…well, the YTS34 has found a new home in Auckland.

Saturday, we had Rico’s birthday….he would be 7 year-old if he is still alive….I’ve never met him, but mummy, daddy and Zara still talk about him sometimes. Happy Birthday, Rico…who had long skinny legs !

We had a very windy weekend here in Auckland. Wishing a real summer coming sooooooon J