Sunday, 8 November 2015

WOW !!!

Since mummy and daddy have been back from Japan, it seems to be very busy at DR TOOT. BTW, I must say that I did miss mummy a lot as it was the first time for me to apart from her such a long time ! I stayed behind curtains and felt lonely…Zara was laughing at me….BUT, no more…I am sooooo happy now J

On Monday, mummy was so busy to pack lots of orders – during their time away, a few items have been sold and they left for their new home all over New Zealand. Also, our new addition, Yamaha piccolo YPC32 has found a new home in Tauranga and departed.

Thursday, two other instruments have left here for their new home – Yamaha alto sax YAS275 has gone to Napier and Yamaha pro model Euphonium has found a new home in Rangiora through Trade Me - they travel far away !

Friday, lots of instruments were delivered to us for the yearly services from one of schools in Tauranga. My big sis, Zara and I thought that it’s already summer time has arrived at DR TOOT !??

Saturday morning, a few customers visited us for emergency repairs. Then, in the afternoon, a new Japanese assistance for daddy and Shoko has arrived ! Her name is Mari from Osaka… Yeeeaahhh, another female at DR TOOT - Girls Power and Girls Rules !!! Daddy is a happy only male at DR TOOT J

The weather has been nice and warm here…Mummy’s birthday tomorrow and my birthday on Wednesday…I will be a happy 4 year-old…meow !!!  As per tradition…Daddy bought another rose bush for mummy and planted it today. I wonder if I will get a plant planted for me….Maybe extra food in my dish!!! JJJ