Sunday, 29 November 2015

The days are getting hotter….

Greetings from the Toot Estate ! I feel much better now that I have just had my fur brushed and my nails done. A lady is a lady and I am a lady and a queen. I must always look my best because you never know what customer may pop by and I must be there always to greet them. Alfa too had a brush and nail trim. Anyways, this is all about me!

This has been a busy week, in and out of the shop. Shoko and daddy have been so busy with repairs while Mari has been busy taking the instruments apart and cleaning them. With every repair done, means mummy has to invoice all the repairs done as well as invoice all sale that have occurred in the shop.

More private repairs than ever before are coming in and there is a real hum on the benches. This time of year we start receiving many school repairs, but we are also receiving many customer ones.
On Wednesday, two Yamaha alto saxophones arrived in from Japan and within 24 hours of them arriving, they have each found new homes in the South Island. On Friday, a Yamaha student model clarinet and a Yamaha Xeno Professional Trumpet arrived in from Japan and yes you guessed it….the Yamaha clarinet sold instantly! Two more saxophones are arriving in shortly, so if you are interested, I suggest you contact us soon.

Wednesday night, daddy got dressed up in his Howick Band uniform and with the band, marched in a long march for the Papatoetoe Santa Parade. Daddy said that there were so many people and at the end of the march, daddy was pretty pooped out with all that tuba playing. The band played well and the people really loved hearing the Christmas music. Daddy was out  Thursday evening rehearsing with the AWO for two concerts coming up on December 19 in Howick and a rehearsal on Saturday with MSO for a concert coming up on December 5th in Manukau. Busy busy daddy.

It’s almost 5 now, so time for dinner. I do enjoy my dinner time. Eating slowly and enjoying my food in my little brown dish. After dinner it’s a little drink, then back on my pillow for a wee nap before bedtime. I get lots of beauty sleep, because I care for my looks. It’s getting harder sleeping with the days and evening so warm. Must go and try to chill out J