Sunday, 6 December 2015

Drama…No more drama…

Sometimes life doesn’t always go the way you expect it to…this week, it happened at DR TOOT. Mummy and daddy had to ask the new assistant, Mari to leave. It did not work out for her and us, so now she has gone…Monday started dramatically !

Very fortunately, we have found another Japanese assistant and she moved in on Saturday ! Her name is Yuiko and she seems very nice J She will start tomorrow and will be helping daddy and Shoko at the workshop – hopefully no more drama !!!

This week was “trumpets week” at DR TOOT ! A new stock, pre-loved Yamaha Xeno trumpet YTR8335UGS has arrived safely from Japan and three trumpets have found their new home. One of them was the Yamaha YTR3320S, which has found a new home in Christchurch through Trade Me. The new owner is a young boy and his father has left a happy feedback on Trade Me – all good J Other two trumpets have gone to one of schools in Auckland. We hope the students will be pleased with the Yamaha trumpets !

Also, more alto saxophone have arrived – the Yamaha YAS275 and YAS34ll. The last YAS275 and YAS34ll did not stay with us for a long time, so if you are looking for a high quality Yamaha alto sax, please contact us soon without any disappointments !

The first week of December has already gone and we are counting down to Christmas J So fast…this year ! Zara and I are waiting for a Christmas tree, but we haven’t seen it yet as mummy has been busy…hopefully we will see it soon….you know, what I’ve been waiting for…..hehehehe J

Daddy has been busy with not only repairing but also playing a tuba ! Last night, he played with Manukau Symphony Orchestra and today he did marching with Howick Brass Band for Santa Parade ! Yes, Santa was in Howick….ho ho ho…Zara tried to go to see him, but it was a little bit long distance for her J.

Well speaking of Santa…. I have been a very good girl this year.  I have tried to stay out of Zara’s way and have been a good daughter to my mummy. It doesn’t matter what I do, I know mummy always loves me. The weather is getting warmer and the sun is out. Please make sure you look after yourself and wear a hat and plenty of sun block. Zara and I are always very careful….with good common sense.  Be good!!!!