Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas is just around corner !

It’s been another very busy week before Christmas at DR TOOT. While Zara and I were chilling out as usual, daddy, Shoko, Yuiko and mummy are working hard !

This week, two pre-loved instruments have found a new home in Auckland. Yamaha wooden clarinet YCL450 and Yamaha flute 311ll. The clarinet has found the new home through Trade Me, and the family visit us and collected it from us yesterday. Another family also visited us and a daughter tried the flute and she was so happy with it J

Wednesday night, mummy and daddy went out to see Oprah...yes, Oprah ! She was in Auckland and had a talk show. Especially, mummy was excited to see her as she used to watch her talk show on TV regularly J For Zara and I, it was a long night because they came back after midnight !

Then, we had another long night on Saturday ! Yup…as every year this time of year…daddy had two concerts (afternoon & evening) with Auckland Wind Orchestra (AWO) with St Andrew’s Big Band in Howick.  Mummy went to see the evening concert with her friend and Yuiko. Then, some guests came to our house after the concert for drinks and nibbles. You guess it -  Zara and I stayed in mummy & daddy’s bed room upstairs…after everyone’s gone, we went to our bedroom downstairs to sleep.

We are now counting to Christmas…this year so far has gone so quickly. Zara and I are talking about it…can’t believe ! This year we have our own stockings to hang up for Santa. Daddy says that Santa brings nice things to those that have been nice. I've been a very good girl, so I am sure I can get something special from Santa ! I am not sure if Zara will get anything. Recently she has been pretty mean to me....the extra fur on the carpet is proof….. J