Sunday, 13 December 2015

Incoming School Repairs…

Greetings everyone from Queen Zara. Summer is here, but taking awhile to show. Everyday it’s been a mixture of warm sunny, raining and windy days… Alfa and I don’t like the wind as it hurts our ears, and the rain is horrible. Today started off pretty wet, but it is much better now with lovely sunshine, but still the nasty wind.

Sales this week started with a Yamaha trumpet finding a new home in Invercargill on Wednesday. Then later in the week a Yamaha student flute too has found a new home in Auckland. Yesterday a boy named Brian and his mother came in to try a Yamaha alto sax from one of the few alto saxophones that are upstairs. You see a few have arrived this week for stock. He was very happy with the Yamaha YAS62 with the 62 neck. Wow, he sounded cool and was very happy. As well as these instruments finding new homes, many accessories have too found new home all around New Zealand.

This week was Yuiko’s first week in the repair shop. Her duties are to clean and prepare the instruments for Shoko and Daddy to repair. She did very well and is enjoying herself. One of her duties, is to help Daddy collect the instruments from Schools.  This week Daddy and Yuiko picked up many instruments from a couple of schools. Next week there are a few more as well as the following week. When they got back it was Mummy and Daddy’s job to enter everything in the computer and get everything listed right! If you are anywhere near DR TOOT, you will see many instruments, ready for their yearly checkup.

A few instruments also arrived this week from Japan for stock. These included a few saxophones and a beautiful Nickel plated top professional Yamaha Custom Double French Horn and a near new Vincent Bach 42BO B/F Professional Tenor Trombone. It’s all happening here at DR TOOT. More instruments are due in soon, so if you are looking for something amazing, then please check out our new arrivals.

Daddy has been busy with rehearsals and had a concert today with the Howick Brass Band. They played outside and it was very windy. The band had to use clothe pegs on their music stands to hold the music down. Before Daddy went out, Mummy this morning, set up and decorated the Christmas Tree (you can see the photo on our Instagram page: Alfa and I saw so many beautifully colored balls hanging from the branches. Last year Alfa played with a few and broke them. Naughty Alfa. I hope she is better this year. Hope your trees are up. Have a PURRRRRFECT Week J