Monday, 28 December 2015

Happy Christmas, Everybody !

Queen Zara here, sometimes know has the Black Furred Santa, here to wish you all a Happy Christmas!!! I am so sorry for not writing anything yesterday, but the egg-nogged  cat food got the better of me. What a crazy week it has been.

Repairs are busy as usual and Shoko, Yuiko and Daddy are very busy in the workshop. Mummy as always is processing orders and keeping things ticking along. Our beautiful Yamaha C Trumpet has found a new home and many instruments too have arrived in from Japan.

We understand that many of you are on holiday, but do take time to read our blog and checkout our website with some exciting stock news. A Yamaha Alto and two Yamaha trombones have arrived as well as a Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Saxophone all the way from Paris, France. Looks like Santa came early at DR TOOT and many customers are very happy he did!

Well, Santa did come and gave Alfa and me some delicious food for Christmas morning and dinner. I was so excited that I am afraid I ate too fast and had an accident on the carpet in mummy’s office. Oh dear….very sorry ! Christmas dinner, we had Shoko over for dinner and again last night with daddy’s human children. Very busy here in the TOOT House.

Work again starts tomorrow and will close for a few days after December 31st. Alfa and I with DR TOOT would like to wish everybody a safe and Happy New Year and bring on 2016!!!