Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy Tooting in 2016 !!!

Alfa (A): Happy New Year, everyone ! It’s my turn to share a story at DR TOOT, but my big sis Zara wanted to join me as it is the first blog in 2016 J

Zara (Z): Happy New Year, my fans !!! Queen Zara here and best wishes for 2016 ! It was another interesting week at DR TOOT.

A: Yes, mummy, daddy, Shoko and Yuriko were back to work on Tuesday and worked to Thursday. Then, they are having four days off again. We had lots of rain in Auckland.

Z: That was unusual for new year’s days….even I didn’t want to go out. So, I stayed inside with Alfa. I guess plants loved the rain !

A: This week, two pre-loved saxophones have found the new home…New Year’s Eve, a customer in Auckland came to see us and purchased the Yanagisawa T902 tenor saxophone ! And this morning, a customer in Queenstown ordered a Yamaha alto sax YAS34ll through our website. She is leaving on Tuesday for Queenstown – very lucky saxophone !

Z: I have to say “Well done, Alfa !” The first saxophone sale for new year J DR TOOT, we are small but we rock !!! Mummy, daddy and Shoko had the last staff meeting for 2015 on Thursday and we also joined the meeting J We heard that DR TOOT will focus on more pre-loved & vintage instruments this year !

A: YES…I heard that too ! Also, more Selmer Paris saxophones and clarinets to come….it sound pretty good to me J

Z: Sure is ! One more day off, and then DR TOOT will reopen as normal and a crazy busy week is a head of us….Bring it on 2016 !

A: Meeoooowwww, Happy Tooting in 2016 from the DR TOOT’s Team JJJ