Sunday, 14 February 2016

Warm Summer Days !

Well, my big sis, Zara did not tell you about “Poo” incident last week…when we arrived home from the cat hotel last Sunday, we both were happy to be back home and Zara did POO in her cage. She was still carrying a poo when she got out from her cage and dropped a poo on a carpet !!!! That was soooo funny J

We had another busy week here at DR TOOT. Our assistant, Yuiko, finished working here and has left last weekend. So, it makes daddy and Shoko busier too. Instruments keep coming here for services/repairs from everywhere New Zealand. Some more instruments from schools in Auckland and Lower Hutt.

I was a bit concerned that maybe this week I would not have any sales….and yesterday, we had a phone call from a customer who phoned a few weeks ago. He wanted to come here to view our brand new Selmer SeleS Axos alto sax ! The gentleman and his wife visited us from Hamilton in the afternoon, and they left with the saxophone…it was for their son…meow, a lucky boy J

We are having nice summer weather in Auckland J I do enjoy myself outside on a leash…even birds are laughing at me…who cares ! Today, it was a Valentine’s Day, and mummy and daddy seemed to enjoy the relaxing day ! As usual Sunday, daddy is cooking tonight…and mummy is happy J

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone…from Princess Alfa and Queen Zara !!!