Sunday, 20 March 2016

Furry strangers

It is true that I enjoy my daytime sleeps and take life a bit easy. I am a mature cat and deserve the respect that comes from many of my cat followers here in Howick. Recently, a new tabby cat, same as Alfa, has moved into our area. This tabby has been viewed from our window as it swaggers down our driveway and around my estate. It has done this while I am indoors because it is scared to be present when I am outdoors.

Today was different! I was outside as usual, minding my own business, when this tabby swaggered onto my estate. I was furious! My tail grew wide and long and I had the upper paw. This….tabby lay on the ground, growling, but it knew that it was in the wrong. Slowly it stood up and ran away. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am a loving and patient cat. But I am Queen Zara and demand respect. As it is a tabby, it may be one of Alfa’s friends. No surprises there!!

This week like others has been a very busy week. Shoko as usual, is busy working hard on woodwind instruments and this week completed a Platinum Service on a Vintage Tenor Sax. She also worked on a Platinum Service on a Yamaha Clarinet we have on sale now. Busy, busy girl. Daddy too has been busy with saxophones and many brass instruments. Mummy’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing with orders and interest for the many instruments and accessories we have listed on our website Many instruments are listed and many more are on their way from Japan.

This week we have had, two Yamaha Tenor saxes have arrive for sale and our very first Yamaha four valved BBb Tuba with a huge case.  All three instruments have been serviced and are ready for sale. Please check them out on our website and Facebook page. A late arrival was a Selmer Paris wooden professional clarinet which will be fully serviced soon and ready for sale.

Regarding sales. This week we sold to a young man, a Yanagisawa Soprano Sax which just arrived last Saturday morning. Because our daddy is so cleaver, he was able to service it and it was ready for sale on Monday. There are no flies on our daddy and whatever flies there are in the house, makes a nice little snack for Alfa.

Many Saxophone straps from Switzerland have also sold to many places all around New Zealand. Mummy is too busy but she never grumbles…well at least to Alfa or me.

This coming week is a short one because The humans will be having Easter. That means no work on Friday or Monday. This means that Alfa and I can have a little sleep-in as we don’t have to greet customers on those days. We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you can all take time to have some good quality family time together and love your cats !!