Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter & Happy Tooting !

My big sis Zara and I hope that everyone is having a relaxing Easter !

This week started with sales of pre-loved Yamaha tenor saxophone YTS275. It has left for a school in Auckland. A few days later, another pre-loved Yamaha trumpet has joined it at the same school.

Because of the short week, the workshop was very busy and mummy was very busy in the office. Lots of parcels have arrived and repaired instruments went back to owners everywhere in NZ.

One of parcels was from Japan, had two pre-loved instruments – Selmer Paris Prologue ll wooden clarinet and Yanagisawa alto sax A992 with a pink gold neck ! They have been serviced by daddy and Shoko, and mummy took the photos. So, they will be listed on our website soon.

Well, did everyone have got your Eater bunny or eggs ??? Zara and I had asked daddy to organize eggs and bunny for mummy from us J This year, we requested bunny, eggs and hot cross buns…maybe it was over killed !? Mummy was soooo happy to see them. Thanks, daddy to organize them for us….and keep mummy happy J

Happy Easter, everyone….and Happy Tooting from the Team at DR TOOT !